Tong Da Brand Promise
Tong Da Brand Promise

What Brand promise to the employees? How to keep the promise?
Make sure that our brand is different from others, quality as promised to bring up the level of confidence to our employees. Keep on Communicate, training and make every employee in company understand how the brand promise will lead them to meet their goals and targets. Ensure that  they manage to get an instant solution or support when they facing problems.
What Brand promise to the client? How to keep our promise?
We always assure that our brand meet customer expectations on the service and quality of the product. We will be different and always do better than another competitor, well organize entire operation ensure quality control as promised, regularly collect data and keep on follow up feedback from customer to achieve what’s the best for them.
What Brand promise to the partner/shareholders. How to keep?
Consistently deliver quality or service to always protect reputation and trust for the company in order to create more loyalty customer and kept a long lasting relationship as a key to company growth. Always trusting partners and shareholders, communicate, exchange ideas to lead everyone to the same goals in action to achieve company vision which is to be a leading supplier and manufacture in the industry.

Published : 23-Jun-2021

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